Meet our enthusiastic Organizers of the WordCamp Kathmandu, Nepal 2016. Because of them, it’s happening again this year even though we all are going through tough situation. Cheers to our organizers !!!

Sakin Shrestha

Sakin Shrestha is a technology entrepreneur and an avid WordPresser from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the owner of Catch Internet Pvt. Ltd. and co-founder of Acclaim Technology. He is also a co-owner at

Having got his first taste of WordPress in 2007, he was inspired to build a career on it. Ever since, he’s been contributing to the WordPress Core, Theme Review, Community, Accessibility, Polyglots, Themes, Plugins and TV teams. He is also among the founding members of WordPress Nepal and is actively involved in the WordPress community in Nepal and abroad.

Sakin is the lead organizer of WordCamp Kathmandu, Nepal 2016. With his knowledge and experience with WordCamps, he’s excited to make his dream of WordCamp Kathmandu, Nepal a huge success.

You’ll easily recognize Sakin’s friendly smile in the crowd. So, make sure you go and say “Hi”. When you don’t find him working on WordPress, he is mostly busy blogging, biking, taking photographs, traveling or playing his guitar!

Anil Basnet

Anil Basnet is the Lead UI/UX Developer and co-owner for WEN Themes. He started his career from UI/UX Developer through WordPress in Web Experts Nepal. He has been actively involved in WordCamp since 2012. With great experience volunteering in WordCamp last year, he is now taking responsibility of Finance Wrangler.
Out of his professional work, Anil loves sports, travelling, music and playing with codes. He has a fun loving nature with an eagerness to help others, and tries to bring a smile on other people’s face.

Finance Wrangler

Bezil Shrestha

An Engineer by profession, an auto enthusiast by passion and a co-owner of Web Experts Nepal by choice… Bezil got acquainted with WordCamp when he first attended WordCamp Nepal 2013. Thanks to his friend’s generous ticket passes, he got to meet some great leaders of this community. Since then, he has been actively participating in the meetups and WordCamp Events.

A true Red Devil, who has a dream to watch his favorite football club play from the Stretford End.

Speaker Wrangler

Biplab Subedi

Biplab Subedi has been a part of WordPress for quite a while now. His love and dedication towards WordPress has been inspiring. He has been a co-founder of one of the leading WordPress based outsourcing company namely Eagle Vision IT. He also has co-founded eVision Themes, a WordPress theme development company.

Biplab was a PHP programmer before beginning his entrepreneurial journey. He is often found passionately busy in programming work these days as well.His hobbies include serving communities (specially underprivileged ones), travelling and collecting music.

Meanwhile, he has not only been an internationally acclaimed Leo for around a decade now but also been popular for his contribution to Nepalese debate movement through Debate Network Nepal.

Food/Beverage Wrangler

Nilambar Sharma

Nilambar Sharma is Co-founder/CEO of WEN Themes. He is mainly involved in development of WordPress Themes and Plugins. He is actively working in WordPress for more than six years. He is an active theme reviewer for official WordPress Theme directory. He has been also contributing to WordPress core and WordPress meta. Currently he is also contributing to WP-CLI to make it more awesome.

Website Wrangler

Pinjal Pradhan

Pinjal Pradhan is a Creative Designer at Catch Themes. He’s been involved with the designing of logos, banners and all that is there to it for almost a year. He’s also in the Acclaim Technology’s Designer’s team.

Seemingly quiet but very artistic by nature, he loves to create artwork that is simple yet exquisite. After learning how to turn his artwork to digital form with his excellent Photoshop & Illustrator skills; he hasn’t looked back. Having created “Nepuu”, Pinjal is also known among the WordPress community in Nepal as the “Wapuu Guy”.

Pinjal is new to the WordCamp Organizing team, and the youngest one as well. With a cutesy smile, he loves to co-operate with a team and contribute all his best skills to anything he is assigned to. Even though the workload is high, Pinjal’s excitement knows no bounds. He is looking forward to a great and successful event.

Design Wrangler

Rakesh Lawaju

Rakesh Lawaju is the Co-Founder and CTO of WEN Solutions, a member of Acclaim Technology alliance. He is leading the plugins developed in WEN Solutions. He has also contributed in WordPress core and other open source projects. He enjoys learning new things and sharing knowledge with others.

Print Wrangler

Raushan Jaiswal

Raushan Jaiswal is the founder and project manager of Codewing Solutions, a creative digital agency. He is also co-founder of Rara Theme.

Raushan came across WordPress in 2012 when he used it to create a website for his first venture. He is a big admirer of simplicity of WordPress and its active community. Raushan is actively involved in WordPress events. He was a volunteer in the first WordCamp Nepal 2012. He was also a speaker in WordCamp Nepal 2013 and WordCamp Nepal 2015.

He loves chess, salsa, online marketing, blogging and yummy foods!

Speaker Wrangler

Roshan Bhattarai

Roshan Bhattarai is the co-founder and CTO of Proshore, a company focused on enabling online horizon for many startups. Roshan is co-owner of Styled Themes, Mighty Themes and Export Feed. He has also co-authored of PHP Ajax Cookbook. Don’t try to mess with him when @ChelseaFC looses it’s match. Ironically, he is addicted to playing badminton on daily basis.

Community Wrangler

Sachet Gurung

Sachet is a code enthusiast and WordPress zealot. He is a theme developer at Theme Palace. He has been enjoying WordPress for more then 3 years and is actively involved in the WordPress Nepal community, volunteering in WordCamps, Meetups since 2014.

Volunteer Wrangler

Shiva Shanker Bhatta

Shiva Shanker Bhatta is Senior WordPress Developer and Team Lead at Web Experts Nepal. He’s mainly focused on e-commerce web-system development among his team and company. With respect to the motto “Code is Poetry”, he has more than 4 years of experience on WordPress Poem. He has also contributed to the and badged as a Plugin Developer.

Last year, diluted in WordCamp for the very first time, he’s approached to take care of video section, had beautifully composed the video-archives of 2015th’s WordPressers from Nepal ( For this time he’s continued as one of the Wrangler at WordCamp Kathmandu 2016.

Besides that, he’s renowned short film maker, worked on critically acclaimed projects and bagged number of national and international film festival awards. Yes, he loves criticism.

Audio/Video Wrangler

Surendra Shrestha

Surendra is an enhanced Software Engineer, born and grown at Kathmandu. A Happiness WordPress Developer, who has more than 8 years of experience and more than 800 different projects with Worldwide clients in his back. He powers most of his client’s architectures with WordPress, helping them to better communicate their values and successes.

He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Rigorous Web Services. He is one of Certified Expert Developer at

He fell in love with the WordPress community since WordCamp Nepal 2012 and regularly helping to the community. You can find him on Twitter.

Venue Wrangler

Suvash Khadka

Suvash Khadka has been actively engaged in WordPress Nepal Community since 2012. He loves to work on WordPress and believes in giving back to the community. He is actively engaged in conducting WordPress Meetups, College Events, WordCamps in Nepal since 2012.

Beside this Suvash represents the Deputy Chief Executive of Asia @ digitALLearing, Founder of Society for Information Communication Technology Nepal (SICTN) & IT Director @ NFN, Project Manager @ Digital IT Solution & Research Center. He also lectures in IT colleges.

Social Media/Publicity Wrangler

Sweta Shrestha

Sweta has been contributing to theme reviews at Catch Themes from last 2 years, and loves her work. A graduate of Information Management, Sweta chose technology for a career and hasn’t looked back since. In college, she enjoyed writing html code, and working on web design and layout. At Catch Themes she puts her experience with design, php, html, and css to good use as a theme reviewer. Sweta has understood the basics of theme development and code well, and is confident that she can work on theme development in the future.

Sweta is also a key contributor to WordCamp Kathmandu, Nepal 2016, overseeing the financial aspect of the whole event.

Sweta was inspired by her husband to work in technology. She loves that her job allows her to learn something new, and inspires her every day.

Budget Wrangler

Yam Bahadur Chhetri

Yam is the Co-founder at Web Experts Nepal, an outsourcing and custom WordPress site Development Company and Theme Palace, which offers Nepal’s first curated WordPress Theme Marketplace. Being a former WordCamp Speaker and co-organizer of WordCamp Nepal 2015, Yam took part in the WordCamp Europe event at Vienna last June. In the event, he met few of the motivated WCEU organizers and was amazed to see their enthusiasm level being top notch. Yam wants to carry that over to the WordCamp Kathmandu event and have an impact on the WordPress community here in Nepal.
If you do not see him around laptops then you will probably see him networking with people.

Sponsor Wrangler

Bishal Basnet

Bishal has been working as a programmer with WordPress as my primary tool to make WWW a better place for all of us for more than four years now. Currently, Bishal is working as a lead developer at CodePixelz Media which is solely committed to the idea of WordPress i.e “Code is Poetry”.


Shekhar Bhandari

Currently living in Morang, Nepal. He is a WordPress developer, passionate about WordPress and using WordPress to create modern and impressive websites as well as themes/plugins.


Biplav Subedi

Biplav is Professional Web Developer and WordPress maniac, who strives to be a better developer and a better person every single day. Although he is a mediocre procrastinator, he believes that sometimes “Tomorrow” is the catalyst that helps him pressure himself beyond the limit which is why even when procrastinating he has record of never missing a single deadline.

Biplav with four years of vigorous struggle has recently graduated from The British College and has achieved a First Class Honors Degree on BSc Computing from the Leeds Beckett University, UK. He wants to peruse his dream for being on of the best there on what he does. Other than Web Development he has a keen interest in music and frequently plays with his mates in different gigs all over Kathmandu.


Sanjog Gomden

Sanjog is WordPress Theme Reviewer.


Divya Gurung

Divya is always up for new and exciting challenges. Divya is an enthusiastic and aspiring WordPress developer, enjoys being part of it.


Sudeep Balchhaudi

Sudeep is a enthusiast WordPress Developer. Currently he is working as a Theme Developer at eVision Themes. He believes in giving back to community so he has been involved on various way on contributing WordPress. Out of his professional work, Sudeep is supporter of Real Madrid. He loves travelling, listening music and coding.


Raju Pangeni

Raju has just completed his intern at EagleVision IT. He is a newbie in a WordPress environment. So this WordCamp, he will be serving as a volunteer as it would foster him to know more about WordPress and its community . It will be a great experience for him.


Venisha Acharya

Venisha is a content writer for EagleVision IT and has been working on WordPress based themes and projects.


Prajjwal Acharya

Prajjwal Acharya is a WordPress Maniac and Popstar at EagleVision IT. Tik Tik, Dead esse


Sandeep Regmi

Sandeep is a WordPress theme developer. Currently he has been working at Theme Palace. He loves coding and he has been actively taking part in WordPress Nepal program since 2015.


Yujesh Shrestha

Yujesh is a WordPress Developer who is currently working in Eagle Vision IT located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal. He has a keen interest in technology, web applicaitons and user experience, and eager to learn the current technologies.


Abhishek Rijal

Abhishek is a new face in the WordPress community, who has recently started his work involving WordPress. Currently he is working as a WordPress Developer at WEN Solutions. An IT student and learner, he is dedicated and looks forward for his first active participation as a Volunteer at the WordCamp Kathmandu.


Sudhama Thapa

Sudhama is a front end developer working at Theme Palace. He is new on WordPress and loves to play with code.


Rabi Raj Khadka

Rabi Raj Khadka is blogger, programmer, robotics developer currently experimenting with his designing skills as a creative designer at NeuromanceR Creation.


Ritesh Shakya

Ritesh Shakya is a Front-end developer and he loves to works with the different tools of designing. It’s almost 5 year he hs been working as a Front-end developer and in this period he has learnt more about the designing. Currently he is working in Web Experts Nepal as a Front-end developer/ Design Lead.


Bhakta KC

Bhakta Chhetri is a WordPress enthusiastic. Currently he works in Acclaim technology. Everybody calls him ‘Uncle’ because he is frank and helpful. He loves WordPress and he has been actively taking part in WordPress Nepal activities since 2015.


Umesh Gurung

Umesh Gurung is WordPress Developer.