Meet with our enthusiastic Speakers of WordCamp Kathmandu, Nepal 2016

Vishal Basnet

Vishal is a plugin developer at Code Pixelz. He has been developing WordPress plugins for more than 2 years.

He is one of the panelist for the panel discussion Kickstarting your career in WordPress.

Sweta Shrestha

Sweta has been contributing to theme reviews at Catch Themes from last 2 years, and loves her work. A graduate of Information Management, Sweta chose technology for a career and hasn’t looked back since. In college, she enjoyed writing html code, and working on web design and layout. At Catch Themes she puts her experience with design, php, html, and css to good use as a theme reviewer. Sweta has understood the basics of theme development and code well, and is confident that she can work on theme development in the future.

Sweta is also a key contributor to WordCamp Kathmandu, Nepal 2016, overseeing the financial aspect of the whole event.

Sweta was inspired by her husband to work in technology. She loves that her job allows her to learn something new, and inspires her every day.

She is one of the panelist for the panel discussion Kickstarting your career in WordPress.

Surendra Shrestha

Surendra is an enhanced Software Engineer, born and grown at Kathmandu. A Happiness WordPress Developer, who has more than 8 years of experience and more than 800 different projects with Worldwide clients in his back. He powers most of his client’s architectures with WordPress, helping them to better communicate their values and successes.

He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Rigorous Web Services. He is one of Certified Expert Developer at codeable.io.

He fell in love with the WordPress community since WordCamp Nepal 2012 and regularly helping to the community. You can find him on Twitter.

He is one of the panelist for the panel discussion Kickstarting your career in WordPress.

Sakin Shrestha

Sakin Shrestha is a technology entrepreneur and an avid WordPresser from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the owner of Catch Internet Pvt. Ltd. and co-founder of Acclaim Technology. He is also a co-owner at ThemeReview.co.

Having got his first taste of WordPress in 2007, he was inspired to build a career on it. Ever since, he’s been contributing to the WordPress Core, Theme Review, Community, Accessibility, Polyglots, Themes, Plugins and TV teams. He is also among the founding members of WordPress Nepal and is actively involved in the WordPress community in Nepal and abroad.

You’ll easily recognize Sakin’s friendly smile in the crowd. So, make sure you go and say “Hi”. When you don’t find him working on WordPress, he is mostly busy blogging, biking, taking photographs, traveling or playing his guitar!

He will give opening remark for WordCamp Kathmandu 2016.

Mishal Rai

Mishal Rai is a designer and front-end developer.

Title: SASS for WordPress

Mishal Rai along with 2 Front-end developer will conduct a workshop about SASS  based on  the WordPress. In the workshop, they will talk about the awesome features of SASS and guidelines to set up a project. At the end of the workshop, the participants will get adequate knowledge and be able to code using SASS along and with based on WordPress Theme.

Targeted Audience: Front-end Developer

Ritesh Shakya

I am Front-End Developer and Designer Lead at Web Experts Nepal. Its been 5 years that I have been working as a Front-End Developer. In the journey of my career I started as Graphic Designer and learned many different tools about the designing like CSS, SASS, Photoshop, illustration.

Besides Designing my passion is to Travel different place.

Title: SASS for WordPress

Kishor Mahato

Kishor Kumar Mahato is an enthusiastic practitioner of best programming execution who is in love with the logic and structure of elegant and effective codes. With an intense passion in creating value in the form of functional and reliable software, he has already managed to create some handy applications and software.

He has been working with Python & WordPress since 2009, and contributed his first WordPress plugins to WordPress.org repository in 2010.

He is on creating cross platform mobile applications (With Titanium) and web development (With Django/Python) and Plugin development as well CMS customization in WordPress.

Topic: Getting Started with WP REST API

Kishor will share his knowledge about Rest API and demonstrate how to implement it through WordPress.

Target Audience : WordPress Developers who wants to know about REST API in WordPress

Ashok Maharjan

Ashok Maharjan, works as a senior web developer at Eagle Vision It. He has been involved in web developement since 2012. He focuses on developing plugins, themes and giving suppport.

Topit: Getting Started with WP REST API

He will be tagging with Kishor Mahato and Abiral Neupane for Workshop on WP REST API.

Target Audience: WordPress Developers who want to go with WP REST API

Abiral Neupane

Abiral Neupane from Kathmandu has been in the journey of Web programming for 4 years, and is presently the project manager of Eagle Vision IT. Apart from the professional work, Abiral loves to spent his time with Music and read about the latest trend of Web. Talking about music, recently he has been involved as a Lead Vocalist in Nhuja Band.

Topic: Getting Started with WP REST API

He along with Kishor Mahato and Ashok Maharjan will be conducting a workshop that will cover – what/how/why WP REST API.

Target Audience: WordPress Developers who knows the anatomy of WordPress and don’t know how to start with WP REST API

Kanchha Kaji Prajapati

Kanchha Kaji Prajapati (Creativekaji) is a Co-founder and Passionate Front-end Developer at eVision Themes. Proficiently involved in the Graphic Designing for 3 years, also adding to more than 4 years experience in Front-end Development based on WordPress, he has been a versatile multi-tasking achiever switching from graphic designing, creative web designing and front-end development with ease.

He’s leading the Acclaim Technology’s Designers team and also actively working as the founder of Web Designers Nepal, which has been conducting knowledge sharing Sessions/ Meetups related to Web Designing.

Topic: SASS for WordPress

Kanchha Kaji Prajapati along with 2 Front-end developer will conduct a workshop about SASS based on the WordPress. In the workshop, they will talk about the awesome features of SASS and guidelines to set up a project. At the end of the workshop, the participants will get adequate knowledge and be able to code using SASS along and with based on WordPress Theme.

Target Audience: Front-end Developer

Suwash Kunwar

Suwash Kunwar is a founder of WEN Solutions. Prior to forming a company that works on Theme Review and Support, he was a passionate coder possessing high patience level.

He believes in giving back to the community and considers offering the service of Theme Review and Support to the company involved in submitting Themes to WordPress.org directory is just a way of start.

Topic: Administer WordPress with WP-CLI

Suwash will give basic overview on how to use the WP command line interface in order to complete regular administrative tasks like upgrades, database backup creation, plugins and themes installations. Additionally, he will also provide other basic commands such as publishing and deleting posts, changing site’s URL settings and various other commands.

Target Audience: WordPress Developers and Enthusiasts

Sudeep Balchhaudi

Sudeep Balchhaudi is a WordPress Developer, working as Theme developer at eVision themes. As a theme developer and developing theme for wordpress.org, he have had hands on experience following the guidelines of submitting themes.

Besides his professional work, he loves to watch Real Madrid play and often go on a short trip and listen to some good music for some RnR.

Topic: Ensuring chances of theme acceptance in wordpress.org directory

Sudeep will highlight some key points that will increase the chances of getting a theme accepted into WordPress.org directory. He will also point out some Do’s and Don’ts of submitting themes on WordPress.org

Target Audience: Theme Developers, Theme Reviewers and WordPress enthusiasts.

Utsav Singh Rathour

Utsav Singh Rathour is a WordPress enthusiast and a developer by passion. Having been using WordPress since the first human step on the moon or around 2007 (not quite sure), he can’t believe how the love has always grown. He is the co-founder of Code Pixelz and also the co-founder of Code Themes Co. He is now looking to work on larger SaaS-based projects with WordPress in the back.

Topic: WordCamps : Making the most out of it”

His talk on WordCamp this year will focus on why one should attend a WordCamp. While this might look a little odd, given that he will be talking about this in a WordCamp, but he believes, he can provide a little something on how one can make the most out of this grand event.
Target Audience: Everyone

Regan Khadgi

Regan has been successfully contributing to IT sector with his expertise in WordPress, PHP MVC framework and CI. He is WordPress Lead Plugin Developer at AccessPress Themes and Co-founder of WP Happy Coders with 4+ years of service in the company along with experience of teaching IT skills to hundreds of younger generation IT enthusiasts.

Topic: Fundamentals of Premium Plugin Development

Regan will talk about different approach of premium plugin development techniques along with selling strategies.

Target Audience: Plugin Developers

Sushil Adhikari

Sushil is a youth and disability rights activist currently working to raise awareness on disability rights and issue in Nepal and beyond. He is also a computer instructor, sound editor, blogger, positive thinker, writer, and the founder of a volunteer-based youth-led venture called, Bright Star

He is currently working to promote accessible and adaptive technologies for the persons with special needs advocating for the right to accessibility while consuming various digital equipment including hardware and the software. Having the seven years of experiences of teaching computer skills to blind and visually-impaired individuals, he believes that technology, if used rightly in the right time can make a meaningful difference in our lives, and specially for the visually-impaired.

Topic: WordPress Accessibility: why should you consider this carefully?

Sushil is visually-impaired IT promoter and the advocate for accessibility. Through this, he will highlight the importance of having accessible ready websites and why it is one of the rising issue in the digital world.

Intended Audience: Web Developers, Students or those who want to learn something more about it.

Sunita Rai

Sunita is a WordPress lover, digital marketing, SEO and blogging enthusiast. She has contributed to ThemeGrill, WPAll, AccessPress Themes, and multiple websites as a freelancer.

She takes on research, follows WordPress news and updates, writes articles for various blogs. She spends rest of her time by promoting the piece of content on various media – loves social media marketing and content marketing as a whole.

Topic: SEO Copywriting for WordPress

Sunita will talk about SEO Copywriting in general, its importance, and share her steps to create a great content.

Target Audience: WordPress bloggers, WordPress Business Owners

Umesh Chaudhary

Umesh Chaudhary is a Senior WordPress Developer & Team Lead at Rigorous Web Services. He has been involved in Web Development industry since 2013. He has constantly been working with clients ranging from smaller projects to multinational larger projects WorldWide.

He is now focusing on Site Optimization, WordPress Security, MultiSite, JavaScript and more. Guiding new developers and making them full stack WordPress Developers, this is his another most challenging role currently.

Topic: Multisite, Core Concepts

He will give a throughout concept of what WordPress Multisite is, how it works, when and where to use it and lastly where not to. He will not be sharing codes but the ideas about the WP Multisite.

Target Audience: Developers, WP Beginners, Agencies Working with WP

Digamber Pradhan

I am WordPress Developer and Team Lead at Web Experts Nepal. This is my 4th year in my journey into WordPress. I feel I’ve grown both as a developer and a person in this journey and would like to share my journey and give back to the community.

Topic: WordPress: Speed & Security

I aim to shed light on the importance of speed and security to their website, as well as share general guidelines and best practices.

Target Audience: WordPress Developer and WordPress Users

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is a founder and CEO of WPoets Technology. He been working with WordPress since 2007, and contributed his first WordPress plugin to WordPress.org repository in 2008.

He has helped organize PHPCamp, WordCamp, Joomla Day and Drupal camp in Pune. He believes that instead of coding websites, we should be able to assemble it, and is working towards that goal at WPoets.

Topic: Stop coding, start assembling your websites

Amit will be sharing a high level outline on what it means to “assemble  a website?”, Identifying various components of a website required to assemble them, tools available to enable assembling of websites, future of developing websites etc.

Target Audience: Developers

Mahangu Weerasinghe

Mahangu Weerasinghe hails from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He first found WordPress when he stumbled upon 0.70 in the dark recesses of #wordpress on Freenode. He has used and provided support for every major release of the software, and is excited about the impact the platform can have on South Asia.

Though once a high school English teacher, his desire to make online publishing more democratic led him to Automattic, where he now works as a Happiness Engineer. He sincerely believes that stellar support will play a pivotal role in helping WordPress power the next 26% of the web!

Topic: Support First: Standing Behind Your WordPress Products

Mahangu will talk about how a WordPress developer can benefit by building their products and services around the support they hope to provide for them.

Target Audience: Plugin and Theme developers, WordPress agencies, web hosts