WordCamp Nepal 2016 Account Details

We wanted to post the accounts for the public to see.  We want to be transparent and show that, the profit is going being utilized for conducting free meetups and /or the next WordCamp. We wish to continue the spirit of sharing the knowledge to the community in any way possible.

Budget Wrangler: Sweta Shrestha
Prepared by: Sweta Shrestha and Anil Basnet
Checked by: Sakin Shrestha

WORDCAMP NEPAL 2016 Expenses (in Nepali Rupees)
Particulars Payments Receipts
Local Sponsors (1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze, 2 Micro) 540,000
Ticket Sale 247,500
International Sponsor (WordPress Foundation) 120,000
WordCamp Nepal 2012/2013/2014 surplus 441,591
Monthly Meetup Expenses (Incl: venue, refreshment, printing) 132,254
Venue 37,600
Lunch, Tea/Snacks for ~ 270pax 148,500
Printer (Purchase) 38,720
Presentation Slider (Purchase) 2,900
Belkin Multiplug (Purchase) 15,200
Apple mini display port to VGA Adapter (Purchase) 4,900
Video Shoot & Production 50,000
Audio Video Rental 16,000
Sound System Hire 20,000
Token of Appreciation (for Sponsors)
Certificate for (Organizers and Volunteer) 2,800
T-Shirts 141,075
Custom Tax for Landyards 500
Communications (recharge cards) 3,000
Printings (Flex Banners, Coupons and Paper Prints) 43,640
Stationary & Logistics 5,377
Table, Chair, tent rental in Venue 5,300
Stickers 1,000
Organizer/Sponsor/Speaker  Preparation Parties
Volunteers/Organizer Party 15,320
Paypal fee for tickets 250
Internet (Wages for Worldlink’s technicians) 2,260
Transportation / Petrol 6,600
Gifts for Photography Competition 800
After Party(~123 pax) 39,600
Miscellaneous Expenses 6,000
Sub Total 758,936 1,349,841
Surplus for WordCamp 2016 and related activities
TOTAL 1,349,841 1,349,841